AdGuard Ad Blocker Review

Ads have become a hot topic in today’s tech world for various reasons, and it’s clear that there is a lot of negativity towards the field from many sides, mostly from users. While the desire for webmasters to profit from their websites is understandable and completely justified, the problem is that online ads have gotten progressively more and more intrusive over the last few years, and now also pose actual security threats to the users they are delivered to. While some may claim that using an ad blocker is immoral, it’s hard to have sympathy for ad networks when your computer gets infected through a malicious ad, and it actually happens quite often. AdGuard is one of the many ad blocker offers the market currently holds for tools to help keep ads at bay, and it’s been getting a lot of attention in recent times due to the developers’ active attitude towards its development. The program is quite comprehensive in what it does, and it’s easily one of the best offers available right now.


Basic Functionality

As its name implies, at its core, AdGuard is an ad blocker software. It will help keep most types of advertising content at bay while also preventing various other types of potentially malicious content from getting loaded, and it will significantly improve your Internet experience if you’ve never used an ad blocker before. It integrates with all browsers nicely and blocks advertisements at a root level, so you won’t have to tweak any special settings specific to any browser that you might be using. Installing the program and starting to use it is a piece of cake and it only takes one download. AdGuard will also keep various types of malware at bay, although admittedly, if you need proper security in this regard, you should probably invest in a specialized tool that does this job. But still, our impressions with the anti-malware functionality of this tool have been very positive, and it does look like the tool goes above and beyond what most other anti-malware solutions on the market can do, despite not specializing in that area.





If you’re a concerned parent trying to limit your child’s exposure to dangerous materials on the Internet, that’s another area where AdGuard could prove quite useful. The application comes with comprehensive parental controls that can allow you to secure your browsing experience in a more streamlined manner, without having to worry about white listing “proper” sites and monitoring your child’s activities on an hourly basis. After all, your kids should be allowed to explore the Web on their own and at their own pace, but there should still be some supervision in the background in order to avoid making the experience potentially dangerous. Investing in the premium version of the tool will also give you access to prioritized support, meaning that you’ll be able to get an answer to your questions much faster than regular users. In some cases, that alone can justify the price of a premium license, especially if you’re not very tech savvy and can see yourself falling into the kind of situation where you don’t know how to proceed.



For what it does, AdGuard is a great ad blocker tool that should keep you safe and secure with ease, and without costing too much for its premium version. Combined with everything else the program has to offer, it’s a fantastic choice for users who want to stay safe with minimal effort, and want to get rid of those pesky ads polluting their browsing experience once and for all. Install it once and you’ll hardly ever think about an ad blocker again in the future, it’s a complete package that does it all.



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