Benefits Of Backing Up Data Online


There’s an old saying about data backup that goes “if it’s not stored in at least two physically different places, it doesn’t exist”. And while it may sound a little extreme to those who have never had to deal with the loss of large amounts of valuable information, those who’ve suffered this kind of pain know exactly what the deal is. It’s generally true, if you’re only relying on one mode of backup for everything important, you’re setting yourself up for major disaster later on.

Cloud services can be particularly useful when it comes to diversifying your backup storage, and it’s a good idea to look into some offers that fit your budget if you want to throw an extra layer of security over everything. Just make sure that you investigate the services you’re comparing carefully enough to avoid any disappointing developments in the future. An irresponsible cloud storage company can be even worse than no cloud storage at all, depending on how valuable your information is.


Ease Of Access

Having your data stored online means that you can easily get to it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your access credentials. This can be a life saver if, for example, your laptop dies on an important business meeting overseas but you have your data backed up in the cloud. It can also make it significantly easier to transfer data between devices if you find yourself reinstalling your operating system or setting up a new computer for example, and in some cases it can actually be faster than copying it to a USB drive and transferring everything back and forward in this manner. Many online storage services will also make it very convenient for you to access your stored data, regardless of whether you’re on a computer running their special client or not. You’ll usually only need a web browser to get to your files.


Long Term Durability

Online storage companies know what their clients are looking for, and they know how to take care of their assets in the long run. They also know how to maintain the physical integrity of their stored data when keeping it for many years, as opposed to the average computer user who may not be aware of the best practices for keeping things like flash drives, hard disks and DVDs safe during extended use. It’s not rare that you might find some old device that you were using to store data has given up and is no longer accessible, and there’s usually nothing you can do in these cases but just cut your losses.

With a cloud storage service, as long as you’ve chosen a respected company with an established track record, there’s little that can go wrong in the long run. It’s in their best interest to make sure that your data stays safe and accessible for as long as possible, so as long as the company is still on the market, you should have nothing to worry about. And even if things come to an end, it’s very likely that they will give you enough advance warning and allow you to make a full backup of your information.


Professional Support

Last but most certainly not least, if something goes wrong with your own personal backups, you don’t really have anyone to complain to or expect to get help in solving the problem. On the other hand, when using a cloud storage service, you will not only rarely encounter problems in the first place, but in the rare cases that you do, you can expect that they will be dealt with in the blink of an eye. Especially if you’re a paying customer, which may give you access to even more advanced support features not normally available to regular users.

There are many reasons to go with an online backup service as opposed to storing your data on flash drives around you. Not that this is a bad idea either, as the combination of these two can actually be a very powerful barrier towards data loss. Familiarizing yourself with the options available to you for data backup and long-term storage is one of the most important things that should be on your mind in this day and age.

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