Best Free Malware Removal Tool

Malware protection and removal is becoming an increasingly more and more important topic in today’s society, to the point where people are starting to receive education on it from a very young age. This is certainly a good thing, considering how much information we store on our computers and how much trust we blindly put into them at the same time. It’s important to have at least a basic level of understanding of how viruses and malware work in general, and what tools can be used to protect oneself from them.

You’ll sooner or later run into the problem of having to decide on an anti malware solution for the long run, and if you’re confused by the populated state of the market, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out about Malwarebytes though, as the application is all over the Internet in discussions and recommendations. Is it really the best free malware removal tool though, and is all this attention warranted?



Scanning for, and removing malware, can be a time consuming process that can also drag down your system’s performance quite severely. Compared to other popular tools on the market, Malwarebytes immediately stands out with its speedy action that doesn’t interrupt your regular workflow in any way. Some competing tools are known for taking quite a lot of time to dig through every single piece of data on your hard drive thoroughly, but the developers of Malwarebytes have obviously put a lot of focus on learning what areas they need to prioritize for faster action. The final result is that you rarely have to wait long for a scan to finish, and you’ll be able to use your computer more safely with less effort.

Of course, if you run into a more serious problem with an infection that’s difficult to deal with, Malwarebytes may need some extra time to get rid of it correctly. But considering how much more time you stand to lose if your computer crashes completely due to a virus, that’s a trade off that shouldn’t even be discussed. It’s just part of the price you have to pay for using a computer these days, and thankfully it’s not a high one.





Another aspect in which the superiority of Malwarebytes is hard to dispute. This malware removal tool goes quite far in finding potential threats on your machine and dealing with them, and as we mentioned above, its developers have actually been paying a lot of attention to that specific factor of the application. Malwarebytes simply “knows” where to look in order to maximize its chances of locating threats early enough, and at the same time, it doesn’t miss any important spots that could cause problems for you later on.

The reliability of this malware removal tool has been tested multiple times by various independent researchers, and the same results keep popping up every time. It simply works! Detection rates are very high and pretty much no threats can slip past its defenses, no matter how recent they may be. That’s one of the important things to realize about Malwarebytes, and what truly sets it apart from the competition. Its developers are always on top of recent developments in the field of digital security, and they know what details they need to be paying attention to. At the same time, they seem to be more aware of recently released malware than the majority of their competitors.





Last but most certainly not least, a point that you’ll come to appreciate sooner or later. Malwarebytes offers excellent user support, and it’s one of the hardest tools to beat in this regard on the current market. Hopefully you’ll never have to actually call for help, but if you do, you can rest assured that your issue will be handled with the priority it deserves. This is especially true if you’re a premium customer, in which case the quality of the support you’ll receive is leagues above what you’ll get from various other companies on the market. That alone can make this malware removal tool a solid choice for those who want to invest in something for the long run, but even free customers should find themselves quite happy with what it can do for them.





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