Best Free Malware Removal Tool


Malware protection and removal is becoming an increasingly more and more important topic in today’s society, to the point where people are starting to receive education on it from a very young age. This is certainly a good thing, considering how much information we store on our computers and how much trust we blindly put into them at the same ...

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5 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks


Even if you’re not working with digital security directly, it’s important to understand some of the finer points about the threats that lurk in the Internet these days. There is a lot to gain from even some fundamental knowledge in this area, and it’s the first step towards a secure foundation for your business and personal life.   Phishing Attacks ...

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Adware And Spyware Explained


There are many types of malicious software out there designed to infect users in different ways and inflict various kinds of damage on their systems, otherwise referred to as “delivering a payload”. It’s important for a user to distinguish between the many varieties of malware that they might have to deal with, so that they would be more adequately prepared ...

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What Is a Rootkit


There’s been some talk about rootkits in the media lately, mostly in the context of scandals around certain software vendors when it was discovered that they had been distributing rootkits with their own products. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the situation, but one big question remains unanswered for many of them. What exactly is a rootkit in the first ...

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What Is Ransomware


With the rapid development of computer technology over the last two decades, nowadays people are more connected to each other than ever before.  However, the dominant role of the Internet in most people’s everyday life brings not only joy for its users, but also a number of possible perils.Like software in general, the techniques of cyber attacks have also undergone ...

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What Is Malware


For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the term ‘malware’ or internet security as a whole is the computer virus. This is quite the common misunderstanding, as in reality viruses are only a subdivision of the much larger class of security threats that malware represents. The term ‘malware’ originates from the words malicious software and ...

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