Online Security Tips

Different Types of Hackers Explained


To those unfamiliar with computer hacking, the ones behind it may seem like mythical creatures that border on being from another species. It’s easy to see where this impression could come from too, looking at the complexity of some modern attacks. And to make things at least a little bit more understandable, people have come up with a way to ...

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What Is a Digital Footprint?


As more and more attention is paid to the concept of online privacy and anonymity, there is some backlash from webmasters and site developers, especially those that profit the most from collecting and analyzing the information of their users. New techniques keep getting developed on both sides, and if you think you’re being sneaky online, you should think twice as ...

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Importance Of 2 Factor Authentication


Online security is a big topic nowadays, and more people are starting to realize that they are treating their different internet based accounts very poorly with regards to safety measures. It’s quite strange when one considers all the information that these online services hold about us, and how devastating a potential breach could actually be. Most people think about the ...

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Top 3 Mobile Security Tips


With the rapid developments that have occurred in technology over the past decade, the possession of a smartphone is now a necessity, rather than a luxury. More and more people entrust their little devices with important facts about themselves such as bank account details as well as sensitive personal information. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to put a wall of ...

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Avoiding Online Scams During The Holidays


Holiday seasons are a popular time for last-minute shopping, impulse purchases, large expenses and lavish gifts. It’s no surprise that it’s therefore also one of the most attractive periods for thieves and hackers looking to steal personal information and the money that comes with it. Those who do a lot of online shopping during the holidays should take their time ...

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Protecting Your Financial Information Online


Nowadays, it is more and more common for people to use online services when dealing with their financial matters. While it is quite convenient to do all your banking transactions without having to leave the comfort of being at home and paying a visit to the bank, it is also important to take the time to think about the potential ...

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Online Shopping Safety Tips


Online shopping is one of the most attractive targets for attackers looking to steal private information, and if you frequently like to get your things on the Web, you should pay attention to the techniques commonly used by malicious parties to get to your data. There are some common tricks that you can look out for and try to avoid, ...

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5 Ways To Protect Your PC Against Malware


Malware is becoming more and more problematic, and it can be tricky to deal with if you don’t know what exactly you’re up against. It doesn’t help that hackers have gotten quite creative these days too, and they’ve come up with various techniques to mask the presence of their nasty programs until it’s too late. Knowing how to protect yourself ...

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Phishing And How To Avoid It


Many people seem to have the wrong idea about how hacking works, especially today. It’s not some guy chatting away at a keyboard until they’ve found a breach in the system they’re working on. In fact, actual technical exploits tend to play a very small role in the typical process today. A much more common attack vector is to exploit ...

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Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy


Having an active online presence can be fun and engaging, and it can bring you closer to many people that you may potentially care about. However, as fun as that whole experience can be, it’s also something that should be approached carefully and with a wary attitude. If you’re not careful enough, it may be easy for attackers to compromise ...

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