Tech Tips

Best Web Browsers – Firefox, Chrome & Edge


As every Internet user knows, using a browser is nowadays a necessity rather than a whim. But with the high number of different browsers available, choosing one is not an easy task. We’ve listed below, some of the best web browsers so far with their main benefits, and hopefully after reading this article, the choice of picking one will be ...

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Benefits Of Backing Up Data Online


There’s an old saying about data backup that goes “if it’s not stored in at least two physically different places, it doesn’t exist”. And while it may sound a little extreme to those who have never had to deal with the loss of large amounts of valuable information, those who’ve suffered this kind of pain know exactly what the deal ...

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5 IT Risks For Small Sized Businesses


Running a company of any type in this day and age requires a lot of focus on technology and the IT side of things. While technology, especially the Internet, can be of great help in running your company and keeping things more organized, it can also present some potential risks if you’re not careful with its use, especially if you’re ...

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What Is A Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Nowadays it has become quite important to learn more about the topic of cyber security and the traces we leave behind while surfing the Internet. With the recent data scandals and the recurring threats of ruining network neutrality, it gets difficult to remain safe and sound while browsing, at least without taking some measures as precautions. While one can never ...

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Windows 10 Benefits And Features


Despite having some issues, like most other operating systems, Windows 10 has proven to be a stable and user friendly system that has received much praise over the last 3 years, and while us users had to adjust to yet another OS release, many agree that the transition should be a beneficial one in the long run, and that users ...

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4 Bad Tech Habits To Break


It’s amazing how much trust we put in our computers these days without learning to use them properly, especially when it comes to the security side of things. Many people blindly trust that their computers are going to keep their information safe from attackers, and rarely put any actual thought into how they are using these devices, and what they ...

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Importance Of Device Driver Updates


Ah, yet another popup about pending driver updates… just click “later” and we’ll get to it tomorrow, right? You’d be surprised how many stories of major computer issues start out in a similar way. It’s true that software and device driver updates can be annoying and can easily eat into your schedule if you do them every time they show ...

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How To Protect Your PC Data From Hackers


Data is quickly becoming the most invaluable resource of the modern age, but unfortunately, it seems like many people are still largely in the dark with regards to how they should treat and protect it. There are many traps that you can potentially fall into if you’re not careful, and having to deal with a major data breach is not ...

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How To Speed Up Your Computer


Owning a computer isn’t the hassle free experience some novice users expect it to be, and in some cases, you actually have to work hard to keep things in check, especially if you do more complex things on your system or if you store valuable information on it. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the various common security problems that ...

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How To Make Your Laptop Faster


With our busy schedule, we are always on the move, hurrying to get the day’s work done. As a result, mobility is highly appreciated and therefore owning a laptop is a must for a lot of people nowadays. One important thing that a lot of people unfortunately forget, is how to properly take care for your notebook as time goes ...

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