Malwarebytes Anti Malware Review – 2018

malwarebytesreviewMalwarebytes is one of the leading solutions on the computer protection market, and for some experts, it’s the default choice when something goes wrong with the systems they’re maintaining. While it can take a while to fully grasp its feature set and make proper use of everything that it has to offer, Malwarebytes anti malware is still the undoubted leader on this market, and a great choice for those who want something reliable, fast, and convenient.


Basic Features

Malwarebytes scans the user’s system, looking for malicious software and traces of it that might be difficult to detect even for some experienced users. The tool goes in a lot of detail when searching for malicious programs, and will even find some details that regular antivirus programs may miss. Of course, it’s not a miracle solution and it will still go as far as the technological limits of the operating system allow it to. But if you’re dealing with most traditional types of malware, you should see it gone from your computer in the blink of an eye when running Malwarebytes. It works fast too. You won’t have to wait too long for the initial scan to finish, and maintaining your system in a good condition afterwards is a breeze. You’ll hardly have to do any work yourself as Malwarebytes anti malware does the majority of the heavy lifting, although you will occasionally have to verify its findings.

You can also schedule scans for a time that works better for you, a feature that we found to work quite well for busy users. You would typically only have to set up the scheduler once, and after that you can simply rely on it to do its work in the background and keep your system safe. You can set up different schedules too, in case you want to handle things in alternate modes when you’re out on holiday, for example.




Extra Functionality

One of the great things about Malwarebytes is that it can also keep your system in check in the long run, although it should be noted that this is only available to those who get the Premium version. Active protection can work quite well against various types of online threats, and it’s one of the best things about Malwarebytes anti malware in general, but the developers clearly understand where the value of their program lies and they are pricing it accordingly. Still, for everything that the Premium version gets you on top of active protection, it’s definitely worth the price. Keep in mind that you can also survive quite well without having to rely on active protection to keep you safe, but it will definitely make things much smoother and more relaxed on your end when you know that every site you visit and every application you’re about to execute are verified thoroughly by a professional tool that knows how to catch issues with them. Malwarebytes offers speed and does a great job in terms of what it detects and how it catches threats.


Performance and OS Support

As we mentioned above, Malwarebytes works very well and provides a smooth, trouble free mode of operation that should help you get rid of most types of threats with a minimal amount of hassle. It doesn’t drag down the system’s overall performance in any noticeable way, even on slower, less powerful computers. This should be a big plus for some of its users as older computers tend to be particularly badly affected by performance issues, and some modern antivirus solutions don’t really help by making the situation even worse in this aspect. Malwarebytes anti malware is offered on a variety of platforms, not just Windows. You can also get it for Mac computers, and even Android mobile devices.





Another thing the company is known for is their attitude towards their customers, and the great care they provide for their users, even free ones. Running into a problem with an antivirus program is never fun, as it usually happens at the worst possible times, such as right in the middle of a scan. In those cases time is usually of a critical essence, and you’ll want to get in touch with someone who can help you as quickly as possible, while also understanding your issue in depth. That’s where the company really shines, and the quality of their support alone is one of the best reasons to go with their product. While other anti malware solutions on the market may be capable of getting rid of threats just as well, the rare cases when you need to get direct assistance from the company itself will really justify your investment in Malwarebytes as opposed to any other offer on the market.





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