Best Web Browsers – Firefox, Chrome & Edge


As every Internet user knows, using a browser is nowadays a necessity rather than a whim. But with the high number of different browsers available, choosing one is not an easy task. We’ve listed below, some of the best web browsers so far with their main benefits, and hopefully after reading this article, the choice of picking one will be much easier.



Microsoft’s Edge comes as a replacement of the famous Internet Explorer that has been around for about 20 years. The browser is distributed with the Windows 10 operating system and comes forward with a few nice features.

Lightweight Design

Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge’s design is much simpler and more elegant. This makes the tool faster, speeding up web surfing and page loading. For those who don’t like to be distracted with unnecessary details while staring at a website’s text, there is a distraction-free reading mode. This allows the user to focus on the content that matters, instead of getting distracted with various other details on the page.

Voice Service and Note Taking

Another perk that Edge’s users have is the ability to use Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana when browsing. Cortana can be of great advantage as the user can send new queries, load websites and do much more all without leaving the current tab. Edge also has the ability to take notes right on web pages. With the mouse or on a touch screen device, the user can now write and highlight directly on the web. The customized page can then be sent to friends or colleagues if wanted.



Firefox is an open-source Web browser that was created in 2002 by the Mozilla Foundation. It is one of the most popular in the world as it is available to a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and others. Currently, it is one of the most beloved and widely used browsers on the World Wide Web thanks to its speed and ease of use.


Firefox has a very rich collection of themes, extensions and plugins at its disposal, which makes it one of the most customizable browsers out there. Every user can choose from a huge variety of themes and turn Web surfing into a more personal experience. Extensions can also provide quick access to the user’s favorite websites and make the interface more user-friendly in general.


The browser is relatively safe when it comes to protecting against phishing attacks and malware. Firefox also includes a pop-up blocker and uses authorization protocols to keep the user safe from execution of malicious scripts as a background process.



Google Chrome launched in 2008 and is a free browser that is currently the most commonly used one in the world. As such, Chrome has many advantages that made it a top choice when selecting a browser.


Chrome is famous for being extremely fast. The loading and the displaying of pages happens really quickly and is comparable only with Firefox in speed. In fact, Google’s developers take great pride in what they’ve done with the browser in this regard, and it keeps getting praised for its fast performance. The only downside in that regard is that it has some trouble keeping up with large numbers of tabs if you have a slower connection, but this can be avoided through efficient bookmark management and other simple browsing habits.


Google’s product features a very minimalist design which doesn’t distract the user with an excessive amount of bars and menus. Only a few buttons are included, like back, forward and reload functions, as well as other standard navigation elements. The address bar is a fully integrated search box too, making the browser a very streamlined experience for those who do a lot of research in the course of their surfing.

Tab independence

The architecture of Chrome allows for many Web sessions to be handled in different tabs at the same time. The user can review how much memory is consumed by each open tab and thus regulate the activities of the browser if needed. Another benefit is that the tabs are working independently from each other and if one is freezes or is not responding anymore, the problem does not affect the rest of the tabs.

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