CCleaner Review 2018

ccleanerreviewCleaning up the Windows registry is something few people do with their machines over time, which is quite the bad approach to the long-term maintenance of a computer running any version of Windows. Even though Microsoft have significantly improved things on that front with newer versions, and the system is capable of performing some maintenance on itself to a good degree, you should still look into a good tool to keep things in check, and that’s where CCleaner comes in play.



The program is very small and barely leaves a footprint on your operating system, with a snappy installer that will get you up and running in no time. You can configure it in multiple ways during the main installation procedure, with additional settings becoming available after you run the application itself. CCleaner does its main task, cleaning your registry, surprisingly well with its performance exceeding competing offers by a large margin. You can also maintain your system in other aspects with the help of the tool, e.g. by scanning for outdated or malicious cookies in your browser, as well as other minor configuration abnormalities that may drain your performance down. Power users should find themselves particularly happy with what CCleaner can do, and it’s clearly aimed at those who know what they want and how to keep their system in check, while also providing a good platform for less experienced users.





One of the main problems with tools of this type is that they tend to drain your system resources quite badly during the scanning/cleanup process, and in cases where the tool is constantly running in the background, you may additionally notice a degradation of your overall system performance during your everyday work. That’s not the case with CCleaner, which is quite unobtrusive in the way it works, and you’ll hardly even notice it doing its job. Getting rid of CCleaner in case you decide that you don’t like how it works is also a piece of cake, unlike other similar tools on the market which can, ironically, make themselves difficult to uninstall. The developers have clearly put a lot of thought into reducing the impact that CCleaner has on the average user’s system, and they are visibly aware of the fact that the tool will likely enjoy a large degree of popularity among those with less powerful systems.


Ease of Use

The interface is clean and simple to use, while many advanced features are tucked away behind convenient menus that everyone should find easy to navigate. As we mentioned above, both beginners as well as power users should find CCleaner a good application that brings a lot to the table, although each side will likely recognize it for a slightly different set of features. Keeping CCleaner up to date is important, but that’s also something that’s been made quite easy thanks to the intuitive and streamlined interface. Make sure that you don’t ignore any update prompts. It may not seem like this particular tool is at the forefront of your system’s security, but keeping your registry in check can play a larger role in the big picture than you might imagine. Plus, if you make use of its extra features like cleaning up your temporary files and other unwanted data, you should notice a significant improvement in your overall system performance.





The company behind CCleaner is well known for their responsible attitude and the great degree of attention they pay to their customers’ needs. If you ever run into a problem with CCleaner, they have various support channels ready to assist you, and you should find getting help from them to be quite easy. This is true even in cases where your problem might be more complicated. Even if you’re an advanced user stuck in a situation that you don’t know how to resolve, don’t be afraid to get in touch with their representatives and see what they might be able to do for you. For such a niche tool, they definitely have a strong grip on their customer support and know what the people using their product are looking for. At the moment, this software is one of the best investments one could make into their computer’s performance and security.




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