How To Make Your Laptop Faster


With our busy schedule, we are always on the move, hurrying to get the day’s work done. As a result, mobility is highly appreciated and therefore owning a laptop is a must for a lot of people nowadays. One important thing that a lot of people unfortunately forget, is how to properly take care for your notebook as time goes by.


Regular Cleanups

A possible reason for the slowness of the machine is that the hard drive is filled with too much and unnecessary data. That makes memory access and navigating through the programs much harder for the computer as there are more files to be sorted through. When using a computer for longer, it is unavoidable that some junk data is stored on it at some point. Typically such abundant data consist mainly of duplicated files, or programs that are installed and no longer used. A thorough check on the hard drive can let the user determine if there are any files that are not needed anymore and delete the unnecessary ones. There are also tools on the market that can automate this process. In addition, every operating system needs some free space on the hard drive in order to manage its own background processes and tasks effortlessly. In that case, freeing some space on the hard disk would be the best possible solution for the problem.


Data Defragmentation & Organization

If a laptop is not running like before, there is a chance that the system is congested with too much unorganized data. Defragmentation is an option in that case. The process of defragmentation means physical reorganization of the stored data on the drive. The goal is to allocate more free space on the machine and thus reduce the number of scatted files and folder around the system. One can defrag a laptop by simply starting a special tool called a defragger. The Windows operating systems includes one for free, but nevertheless, there are multiple other variants on the market that also come free of charge. Reducing the number of programs that start upon switching on the machine can also turn out to be beneficial for the proper operation of the laptop. The more applications are started automatically, the more time it takes for the operating system to load and be ready to use.


Software Updates

Malware can also be a factor when it comes to slower processing speed. It is recommended for everyone to install and run a proper anti-virus program. However, it is also important for the software to stay up to date since newer kinds of cyber attacks are invented every day.  Regular checks and updates of the anti-malware software can prevent multiple problems when dealing with computers of any kind. It is a good practice to let the anti-virus program do a deep scan on your system at least once a month in order to ensure no viruses or Trojan horses are hiding on the hard drive.


Hardware Check-Ups

Another thing that can be done is to ensure the laptop runs properly on the physical level. Laptops are not protected from the environment they are used in, and the lack of proper cleaning of the machine can cause slowness and overheating. Over time, the accumulation of dust under the keyboard and in the fans is inevitable, one of the biggest problems for many notebook models. Bringing the machine to a technician for dusting once or twice a year can turn out to be vital for its preservation.

Also, a professional can determine if everything under the keyboard is intact, i.e. if there are parts that need to be replaced or if everything is connected the way it should be. It can sometimes be tricky to perform those maintenance procedures yourself, especially when they involve disassembling the machine, so it’s best to leave them in the hands of a professional. Just plan ahead to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to your laptop but you need it on an urgent basis. There’s not much that can be done once the machine has been taken apart and is already in the middle of being serviced!

All in all, proper care can elongate the life of a laptop for years and ensure uninterrupted and unproblematic work.

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