Is Malwarebytes Premium Good?

If you’ve been in the market for a security solution for your computer, it’s hard to miss all the discussions about Malwarebytes that are out there on a regular basis. The program is popular, well-known and many people love it for various reasons, but mostly because they can get it completely free and keep themselves protected without having to invest into a high-end antivirus solution. And while that’s true, some tend to completely disregard the existence of the program’s premium version, which can prove quite useful in a variety of situations where a user many need extra protection on top of what they get by default. So, is Malwarebytes premium good?


Main Advantages Over the Free Version

Investing in Malwarebytes Premium is mostly about convenience and having quick access to a variety of features that you may need on a regular basis. The main difference is that the application will now actively protect you against threats, as opposed to simply scanning for viruses on demand. This can be a game changer for people who regularly download a large number of files, e.g. those who work in software reviews. Not only that, but Malwarebytes can even allow you to comprehensively schedule its scans so that it will run at the exact times you prefer. Many “professional” antivirus programs are actually still quite poor and undeveloped in this regard, and you’d be surprised how problematic it can actually be to set up a proper schedule with alternative solutions. The developers of Malwarebytes clearly know what their market is looking for, and they’re delivering on all the right fronts on a regular basis.

The premium version will also keep you safe from various types of exploits, examining your system in detail to be sure that there are no loopholes that can be utilized by attackers. Exploit protection is becoming a more and more important topic in the field of computer security, in some cases even more than regular viruses themselves, so this is a useful feature to have.




Extra Goodies

Malwarebytes premium also has special protection in place against ransomware, another popular issue that’s gaining more and more prominence in recent times. Ransomware can be devastating when unleashed on a computer with a lot of private information, and not every antivirus program on the market can protect you against this type of attack. What’s worse, sometimes ransomware may attack your antivirus directly, preventing it from doing its job and blocking the intrusion. With Malwarebytes, this doesn’t have to be a concern. Using the tool on top of a sensible approach to your browsing habits can put you in the safe zone quite easily, and you won’t have to worry about attackers getting access to your files and locking them for money. Of course, nothing is going to protect you from intentionally executing a file that Malwarebytes is specifically trying to warn you against running, but in the end, there is no solution on the market that can do that.

Last but not least, the premium version of this software will also actively check the sites you’re visiting against a database of known malicious ones, and will prevent you from opening addresses that might harm your computer. The database seems to be getting updated on a regular basis and the developers are putting a lot of effort into keeping it in line with modern threats, which alone can make your investment into Malwarebytes premium a worthwhile one.


Final Verdict

In the end, if you have the money to spend on a top security solution, you can hardly do better than Malwarebytes premium. The application is already comprehensive enough by default in its base version, but the extra functionality you get on top of that when you invest in the premium package is more than worth the price. Just make sure that you keep it updated, as ignoring those pesky update prompts is one of the biggest mistakes users tend to make before getting compromised. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to invest into a premium solution but not take full advantage of what it offers, and part of the package you’re getting includes those regular updates. In some cases, they are absolutely critical for maintaining proper functionality of the application too.





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