Malwarebytes Vs Avast – Overview

The market for personal computer security has become quite evolved nowadays, and there are tons of offers across all operating systems, price ranges, and feature sets. It’s important to know what you’re buying if you plan on investing in a solution for the longer term though, as this huge variety of products can also be a bit of a disadvantage if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Malwarebytes and Avast are two of the most popular and easily recognized solutions today, and there is a constant debate about the effectiveness of one over the other. It’s important to note that the two programs don’t fall in the exact same category, with Avast being an antivirus and Malwarebytes dealing with all kinds of malware. But their features overlap quite a lot nowadays, and there is a good reason to want to compare them.



Malwarebytes is a tool designed for ease of use and it offers a clean, smooth interface with quick access to a large number of features. The application is primarily designed with intuitiveness in mind, and it’s perfect for less tech savvy users who still want an adequate layer of protection and the reassurance that their computer is covered at all times.

However, with the free version of Malwarebytes, this means having to regularly scan the device manually, as opposed to having constant live protection. Malwarebytes only offers that in its premium version, so keep that in mind. On the bright side, the premium version can be tested over a trial period, after which the user could continue using the free version of the application or upgrade.




On that note, some might find the price to be a bit high when compared to other popular anti malware solutions. It’s worth noting however, that Malwarebytes is a product with a long, established history on the market and it’s gone through multiple iterations over the years that have continuously made it the best there is. The company also offers specialized features for business users who want a more centralized approach to managing their installations, although the price is different in that area.

Like many other malware protection suites, there have also been some general claims by web users that Malwarebytes doesn’t perform as well as some other tools in catching some more exotic kinds of malware, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. The program enjoys a high detection rate and works relatively quickly, allowing you to get on top of every situation fast and without hassle. The messages it provides upon detecting a new threat are also useful and can guide you through the process of cleaning your machine even if you don’t have any experience in dealing with computer threats in general. In conclusion, Malwarebytes is a very effective malware protection tool that offers a sleek, easy to understand interface, great features as well as powerful detection and removal capabilities.



* Easy to use, convenient interface

* High detection rate

* Constant updates

* Great customer support



* Relatively expensive

* Need premium version for live protection




Avast is another popular solution on the antivirus market, and also one with an established history. The company behind Avast is clearly determined to offer a competent free solution to the market, and they’ve been hard at work improving their product and bringing its detection rates up.

Avast comes with a variety of features on top of its standard antivirus protection. It can guard against specialized malware, and it can also prevent phishing attacks and other minor forms of social engineering. Of course, this also assumes that the user is going to pay attention to the warnings the tool gives them, as that’s a common mistake among even some more experienced users of programs like Avast. Avast even comes with a built-in password manager, something becoming increasingly more important and popular these days, especially with all the constant data breaches going around.




It’s also worth noting that a full scan with Avast might take a while compared to other tools on the market, as the program apparently digs quite deeply in the operating system and the contents of the hard drive to identify potential threats. While this is great in terms of reassurance against issues, it can also be a problematic factor for those who want something that simply works out of the box and does its job quickly. For the low price it’s offered at, Avast definitely does its job better than the majority of competing products on the market, but those looking for the absolute best solution might want to consider alternative options if they’ve got the money to spend on them.



* Various advanced features for complete protection

* Good detection rate

* Low price



* A bit slow on full scans

* Can be complicated for less savvy users


Verdict – Malwarebytes Vs Avast

While both Avast and Malwarebytes offer a good feature set and plenty of modes of protection that will keep your computer nice and clean, those who want something that works more reliably and quickly should probably look in the direction of Malwarebytes. That’s not to say that Avast is comparatively poor – far from it. But Malwarebytes simply does some things better out of the box, is very user friendly, is effective at removing many types of malware threats and the program seems to receive more competent long-term support than its competitors, making it a good investment for those who want something that they can use for a long time.






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